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Paramotor theft insurance

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My understanding is that your kit would normally be covered against theft or damage at home under your normal home contants insurance.

Your insurer will almost certainly want any items above a certain value to be specified, so contact them and add the specifics of your kit to your policy. Just make sure they don't think it's a motor vehicle, which are often specifically excluded.

If you don't have contents insurance, I would guess it's likely to be less expensive than trying to get specific kit insurance.


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Yes- had this issue with my home insurer also. Infact I must see if I can find a better one.

Any items of value have to be covered by an inventory... jewellery,etc.... and they said they would cover sports equipment..

Infact everything they said really shyed away from any element of risk..... is it really worth having insurance? Just buy a big dog.

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Just buy a big dog!


Still pressing for the like button!!!! LOL

I was talking to the garage who MOT'ed the T5 Pre sale.... they have been done over 3 times in as many years... Alarms, insurance and so on... Up until they got a Fking big dog!!! Maybe a little cruel? but its very very well trained, you could throw a steak on the ground and it will not touch it until Dave ( the trainer / owner ) clicks his fingers! )

The guy who I wwnt into business with for my Carbon Company took the same approach, the dog used to scare the shi* out of me and I worked with it every day! LOL Not one single break in!

Cost of Fking big dog = about the same per month as insurance, but it wont try to avoid a claim! It will hunt for one! LOL


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