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Cure for the Common Cold at least forget about it for a bit


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My little girl passed me some flu that was close to ammonia and took me totally off-line for the past two weeks (as far as sports go anyway). Saturday I got up coughed up a lung and started my normal morning stuff coffee, cough, egg’s, cough then more coffee follow by more F’n coughing.

As I look out on the water I saw a beautiful flying day staring back at me.

At 3pm I pulled the plug went down to the truck connected the mini and headed out to a flying location. Once I was there the wind had picked up to 8-10kns. I thought it might be a bit strong but I looked over and seen three guys ridge souring (I thought to myself you SOB’s) off came the motor and out came the wing.

I thought….. you know what I could pull off a nice fly just take it easy nothing crazy. It gets dark here around 5-530 now It was about 4:00pm with 8-10kns still.

Wing snapped right up one step and we’re flying wooooo hooooo. Did a little buzzing around until the sun begin to set. I had this idea of watching the sun set to silence. This is something I’ve not done since I moved to Brazil (almost 3 years)

I made my way over to a little ridge of trees that none of the free flight guys can get to. Took some time to check the lift and see how this might work for some free flight, too my surprise the little ridge was putting out tons of lift with little turbulence.

Turned off the motor slowed the wind down as slow as it would go and there I was. I was almost able to stop and just watch the beauty of the landscape as the sun slowly fell behind the mountains. After losing myself in the moment (an hour moment lol) it was almost dark before I managed to get the wing to fly away from this ridge dam thing… just would not leave!!!

This view and feeling is what you just cannot explain to people when they ask you why you fly!

Cheers, Cough hack cough


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