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Help With DHV & DULV Ratings

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The DHV tests are done with paragliding harness they test how the wing behaves and how it recovers, it is tested at the minimum (80Kg) and max (105Kg) weights.

The DULV test is done with a paramotor, it is only valid if you have the same paramotor\wing combination, they basically fly it and see if it is OK or if it does anything unusual.

By the way - I think you should check your weight and make sure you include everything, including fuel, reserve parachute, paraglider etc.

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i'm not so sure if you should include the actual wing your flying under as part of the all up weight, the wing is tested in the weight range suspended from the wing, how can you include the wing as part of this weight...?

My understand that it is the total weight of the aircraft, not just the bit suspended under the wing. but I see your point. anyone know if they include the wing weight when they weigh for the DHV test?

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