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Total beginner from Cheshire

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Hi all,

As the title states I'm a total beginner. Always been fascinated about being in the sky, went on a sky diving course a while back and did a few jumps. I loved the views, the peacefulness of gliding down once the canopy was open. But I wanted to experience it longer and following research I stumbled upon paramotoring.

Now I read a couple of paramotor magazines then subscribed, checked gallery's of photos and vids on YouTube and I'm still eager to start this as my new hobby!

I live just outside Manchester by the airport and have checked out all the courses throughout the country but really don't know which is best!

Can anyone recommend a good total beginner course for me as well as the best beginner equipment!!

Any advice would be gratefully received.



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Thanks for the link Alan. The videos are excellent!

An additional bit of news from my side. For my birthday the wife has bought me a groupon voucher for a half day paramotoring experience with Manchester Parargliders, so this will wet my appetite and keep the paramotor flame burning until i save up for course and gear! :-)

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