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Speed bar help

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Can someone give me a tutorial on how to properly set up a speedbar on my Fresh Breeze 122? I'm not doing something right and its hanging and dangling when I stand up in the harness. I tried setting it up while on the ground, but perhaps I need to be wearing the motor and set it up that way? Seems like it won't hang right until the wing is over head and flying, but then how do I keep from tripping on it during launch?

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This is normal,

If left to hang, the speed bar will be sat somewhere around your calf muscles when the wing is on the ground, and up under the seat when in the air.

To avoid this, there is normally an elasticated loop or two at the front underside of the harness, this is to hold the bar while the wing is on the grund and leaves it in a position that you can get to with ease during flight.


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Ok then, so its set up correctly :-) When I tried to use it last night it was just dangling when I was all strapped in, and I was like, "that just looks like a trip and fall waiting to happen" now I need to figure out this "elasticated loop" idea :-) is this something you release in flight, or do you keep the elastic thing on it the whole time?

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another method from stopping it getting tangled in your feet on take off ..is to use those plastic spring loaded ball things that come with speed bars sometimes... :!: you thread them onto the speedbar line pull the speedbar up tight under the harness let go of the push button and it will stay there...


then when you are up and away you can push the speedbar and the line will slide through the ball overcoming the tension of the springs......easy peasy....another top tip when landing just tuck the speedbar in the front of your harness when landing...... :P

All of this method of course is not needed if your harness has a built in speedbar retention... :roll:

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