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First flight

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Today I completed my first flight with Steve Haze as my instructor. Loved every second of it and was grinning like a Cheshire cat the whole flight.

Unfortunately Steve had to endure much sulking over the last few weeks as I stood in various fields ground handling and watching other pilots go flying so all credit to him for sticking to his guns and not putting me up until he was sure I was safe to fly.

Now I will be counting the days until the next flight!

Darren. :wingover:

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Well done Darren..... All that sulking in the field and kicking the ground.... You didn't have to wait to long!!!!

All good things and that....

Anyone who is learning needs to realise that your instructor wants you to fly!! but will only let you fly when your ready NOT when you think your ready...

I look forward to flying with you soon. :lol::dive:

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Does this mean your days of trying to hide in a wing to get a flight are over? (yes I have the video to prove it!).

Concratulations - great feeling isn't it.

Looking forwards to flying with ya soon.

Hide in a Wing??? Me ? Never! :D

Yup have to say its a great feeling.. Now I'm sulking about the Weather..how dare it keep me from flying again!!!

Hope to fly with all of you soon enough and thanks for the support folks!


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