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Dorset Newbie..

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Hello one and all..

Where to start? I live in Dorchester in Dorset. As my avatar suggests, my name is Rob and yes, I do work for one of the emergency services.

I'm 51 yrs old (hope you're not ageist on here) and have always been interested in most things that fly. I could never afford flying so didn't really gave it much thought after I left the air cadets..and that was about a zillion years ago.

I found paramotoring a few weeks ago by accident... wow, I can afford powered flight...

So, thats about me really. My local school in Wiltshire seems to close at the end of August, so I guess I'll just stay lurking around here learning as much theory as I can until I can find a mentor or tutor willing to take a complete novice on...

Regards to one and all..


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Hi Rob, welcome.

Have a good search around here you'll learn shed loads, loads of good advice too.

Get yourself to a field with a couple of pilots and see what it's all about, every PPGer is friendly on this forum.

Good luck,


PS I'm older than you so don't worry about the age :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just a quick update for anyone interested....

I bit the bullet and booked a course with Simon last week, hoping to start last Saturday..

As you all know the weather has taken a turn for the worse and no flying or tuition for me, and I'm now sat at home on my week off doing, well, not much really.

Its all very frustrating for someone who is itching to make a start...

I know full well that when I go back to work next week, the weather will be just perfect... I think its called Sods Law....

As Simon says, he'll get me there......

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I have relatives in that neck of the woods & I'm intending to "drop in" on them sometime soon to show them what my new hobby is all about! Am more than happy to come & chat if you want?

Phil, thanks for the offer.

I already have a local mentor so will deline your kind offer as I don't want to put you out unnecessarily.. But thanks for thinking of me. If I hadn't got a mentor I'd have bitten your hand off..

Thanks again....


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