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Hay-on-Wye, the Golden Valley and the Black Mountain

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Here are some shots from a flight I did this morning around Hay-on-Wye, including Hay Bluff, the Black Mountains and the Golden Valley. The wind was a little strong and a bit blustery. I was up for over two hours and topped out at 2300ft. On a calmer day I would like to fly around the mountains, or onwards to Brecon. I will be on the hunt for petrol stations by the side of the road - any suggestions?





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Next year if you want to do the USSR, I will sponsor you some kit and your petrol :-)

I recon you will win it!


Very kind - I would give it a good go! Average flight time for the last 8 sorties is approaching 2 hrs - so I'm getting used to covering some distance! I have yet to fly a complete full tank on the Macro, I think I could do well over three hrs in the air. Not as economical as many motors but good enough for me.

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Another flight over Hay Bluff and the Black Mountains. Not such a good camera this time - an iPhone in a plastic bag.

Today was my first flight in many months and it was worth waiting for. I had to wait a bit longer than expected because it took me 5 attempts to get off the ground (lack of practice, uneven ground and a very light wind which seemed to randomly come from all four points of the compass). Lovely still air once up though, and great views over to the Brecon Beacons.






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