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Hi Guys, [and girls]

I have decided if I am ever to succesfully aviate it ought to be soon and might be paramotoring. Over the years I have tried hangliding, parachuting, fixed wing, helicopters, models and some top to bottoms on a weekend paragliding course. For various reason of weather, talent, money and useability none of the above seem to fit the bill, hence my considering a paramotor. [Don't think I am a complete waster...wait till you meet me before making that assumption :lol: ]

So, first thng first, suggestions as to anywhere in Kent that will get me started with some lessons. I see there are a few that post for Sussex and swindon way but i am near the Dover part of Kent, so ideally looking for somewhere nearer to the coast. If I have to travel and weekend it somewhere, so be it but then the problems start to acrue of work, weather, family time etc, so if I can do it locally so much the better.

When and if I get to fly, then I think I have a good launch site near to my house and not so far from where trike powered hangliders operate from on summer calm evenings.

So hello and all advice gratefully recieved, even if it is save your money and go buy a kite!


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Hello Drummer and welcome to the PMC!

You have come to the right place for some friendly advice, mostly because everyone on here loves flying their paramotors and is really keen to share their experiences.

I'm based near Maidstone and fly near here but also on Sheppey and down on the Romney Marsh.

If you've done some top to bottom flights under a paraglider then you'll have some idea of the feeling of paramotoring. I did a BHPA EP course before having a motor on my back and it was a good introduction.

My instructor flys from much the same area as myself but doesn't really do forums so if you send me a PM I will gladly put you in touch with him.

Would be worth you coming along to the Essex flyin later this month where you will be able to see loads of different motors, wings and other kit and have a chat with everyone.



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Hi Ian,

Thanks for the warm welcome. I have sent a pm with my contact details so if you could put me in touch with a local instructor that would be good. I think I am looking for a short introductory course to start with to see if it suits my needs and I have some ability but happy to discuss that with instuctor.

What where who when is the Essex event you mentioned?



ps my PM appears in my outbox but not the sent box, so please confirm you have got it?

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Hi m8

You could try Andrew Bedwell of All Good Fun (01732 462213) based just outside Sevenoaks. I remember him vaguely talking about giving lessons a few yrs ago, but i'm sure that if he doesn't, then he knows a man who can 8)


Thanks Tricky.



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I wouldn't even start to look at kit before you're well into your training. I THOUGHT that I knew what I needed but this totally changed & I ended up buying something totally different! Any decent instructor will have kit for you to use to get you started. Then if you decide Paramotoring is for you then you can buy something suitable! Could be very expensive buying the wrong equipment.

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mmmm very true just feels like i am reading watching and surfing all this information amd everyone says a different root to take gggrr

i no that i want to fly it just the root to take as up to £7000 is a lot for the average Joe not that i am looking for short cut as i am sure pain will soon follow.

here is what i am looking for

Q1 what motor for a guy 106kg (in normal clothes)

Q2 what wing for my size plus motor weight and kit weight

Q3 what training deals buy kit from the school??? What have any of you done?

Q4 will the wife ever see me again on weekends when i get to fly ????

Thanks every one


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Hi Steve,

I started this thread to ask all those questions, so pleased that you are jumped in with a load of things i also needed to ask.

I have had some PM and contact with some Kent guys, all of whom have been helpful and invited me along to watch them fly. Are you based in Kent, if so where?

Having had a few replies and suggestions, I am starting my process with a couple of days down in Redhill to get some ground handling and an introduction to the equipment. This will form part of the full course once i commit. Day rates are £90 and the full course at 10 days £900. I am hoping to do that start this week, weather permitting! There are quite a few people offering this sort of thing but the guy called Steve was recommended and replied to my emails. http://www.learntoparamotor.com/

Most of the advice seems to suggest waiting before buying kit, which i will do.

see you up there...eventually!


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Hi bud

No Oxford way but pretty much can travel any south of the M4 Love that road ***your post seamed like the best for Q A i needed hows the training going think i might have OD on paramotor dvd'd youtube clips Ha,

Looks like there are two or three schools around me but cost time are my next challenge be nice just to book a 10 day course but you no the weather will not play ball, then was thinking paragliding then step up to motors but that seamed like a waste might as well go straight for the big one so to speak :coptor:


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