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No longer the new boy

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There aren't many of us that fly from my home field, but I am by far the least experienced......that is until now :D

I didn't realise what a great boost to your confidence when somebody new starts training.

It's hard to measure your progress when all you have to compare against are really experienced guys. It's only when you see somebody new to the sport, learning, and making the same mistakes that you made but have forgotten about, that you understand the progress you are making. It sort of balances out the picture, if you know what I mean.

Also, it's nice to be able to give a little back in terms of experiences rather than just taking from the wisened.

Anyway, that's not the reason for my post, I just thought I'd share that one with you :D

Yesterday myself, Pablo (student), Sebastian (trike pilot) and Pablo's father Antonio (trike passenger) all went for a morning flight to the port.

I've edited it down to within an inch of its life (50 minutes, to under 3 minutes) to try to keep it from being boring.



Dan :D

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Nice landing by the trike, have you flown in it?



Hi Alan

I've not flown in it although I'm constantly being nagged to go up because Sebastian is training to be an instructor and wants the practice. However, I'm a shite passenger and get airsick really quickly.

I am considering getting trained up on a trike because I miss taking up passengers.

Have been looking at the Fresh Breeze Xcitor.

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