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Tiny Tach Commercial model Affecting Kill Switches


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Found this on another forum. Can't quite understand how this could happen but thought it worth sharing just in case it is affecting anyone.

'Ken Johnston, Green Country PPG, shares that the new Tiny Tach Commercial model may be causing problems with paramotor kill switches. It has been confirmed on 3 separate paramotors using the Black Devil 172.

If too many wraps are made around the spark plug wire (using the red antenna wire), the kill switch will cease to function. The solution is to use the minimum wraps necessary to get a good rpm reading, often 2 will work. Then test the kill switch at several different rpm levels to insure its proper function.

It's possible that other engines could be affected so check your kill switch after installing this tachometer. Check it at various RPM levels.'



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Not quite sure how this would have any effect on the kill switch. The kill switch just grounds the low tension side of the coil. 

The RF generated by the pulse going up the tacho pic up wire running alongside the kill wire will do nothing. In fact the coil side of the kill switch already has a pulse on it, which I have verified with a scope and I use this pulse to calculate the rpm on my Paramotor Engine Monitor I'm working on. 

Is the Tiny Tach powered from the motor rather than an internal battery? If so there could be an issue there.


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Dear Paramotor Friends,

I am Ralf from Germany and had even worse Issues with my previous Walkerjet F200 in combination with TinyTach.

I made 4 wraps around the Sparkplug wire and this it killed me (via inductivity) three Ignition Coils until I found out this was the reason! So be careful with rpm pickup wires, I dont use it on my Nitro 200 anymore.

Greetings & always happy landings

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