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My First GOPRO Youtube clip.

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Spot on Mark ive done a lot of flying over the break and i have also got a head cam for christmas the atc9k but it has been turning itself off during flights.

I have just downloaded the latest firmware for it so i am hoping it is alright now cheers Alan.

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Ive also got the atc....and have had big big problems with it both editing and breaking the camera mountings which are just not up to the job...so have other people...you need to check the mount that goes around the camera where the small pin goes through I am on my second lots of people are reporting breakages also the screw thread mount will pull out of the clip...I was on my third

before I decided to make a better clamp that converts the mount to a go pro mount....The way I see it the camera is better than the gopro..... (OPINION)...... loads more features and a screen you can watch delete fastforward,ect and a remote .to operate everything but the camera is let down big time by the mountings....unless you use a backup lanyard whilst using the original mounts you will loose the camera and you wont be the first...

ps ...download the latest softwear from the oregon site...for even more features with the camera

pps it will stop recording if it gets around freezing....this has also been reported...with a lot of people,,,

pps Now Ive sorted the mounting problem I wouldnt swap it for a go pro

pps download the free editing program from NCH


it works with the original camera file on a windows system

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