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30TH Sept


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Hi Dude

Sorry i was late!!! but i caught up just as you guy's turn back for home.... I was so gutted as i could see you all foot dragging along the beach while i was sat a cloud base on full bar with tired legs trying to catch up.... but it was a nice flight home along the river.

I look forward to flying again as soon as the weather turn better. Seymore is now of in cornewall surfing so if your up for a fly let me know and i can meet you up at barry's or you can fly from down here.

Either way let me know as i have to make up for lost flying time.

After you guy's went me and seymore went of on another flight. I had the take of from helll :( I had a perfect reverse started to run full power and i was off but something didnt feel right i was hanging well low on my right hand side. I looked down only to see my left riser had some how twisted around my left hang point!!!!!

I let of the gas as i had just enough room to land or so i thought... so now the only thing i could think of was to try and free it asap.back on with the gas i gave a full left hand weight shift and let go the right brake line and gave the riser and big tug and it came out first time feeeewwwww :lol:

after that everything was fine :roll:

I dont know how this happend and i hope it never happens agian.....

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Hi Morgy,

Reasonably common occurrence AFAIK on swing arm machines. It's happened to me twice (I think we have the same hang points). As you discovered relatively easy to free in-flight by unloading the riser a bit.

I now have a specific step in my pre-pull-up mnemonic to check that the crabs and risers are inside the arm so that a riser can't "take a wrap" so to speak during inflation. As the wing comes up I now also glance at the risers _before_ turning to ensure they things are where they should be.


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Thursday is looking like a good day to fly. I'm hoping to go on a 2hr+ flight all around my local area scouting for possible fields to use for teaching. Then I'll pop round there later to bribe the farmers. hehehe

Morgy - If you are around on Thursday and want to come up to Reigate for a flight, then let me know.


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I have just seen 20mph for thursday and rain???

I thought it was ment to be crappy for the next few days at least.... I will be up for a fly tho but cant do this week due work on the house........ But next week is looking free for me so far...

I do have to pop over to see a new field myself but that is down here will let you know how it looks.

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XCWeather's forecast for RH1 Postcode

Thu 7 Oct BST

01:00 5 mph SW 9 C 0 mm 0% 20000 m 1016 mb

04:00 2 mph SW 7 C 0 mm 0% 19900 m 1017 mb

07:00 3 mph SE 7 C 0 mm 0% 20000 m 1017 mb

10:00 6 mph ESE 14 C 0 mm 12% 20000 m 1018 mb

13:00 8 mph ESE 17 C 0 mm 11% 20000 m 1017 mb

16:00 9 mph E 17 C 0 mm 12% 20000 m 1016 mb

19:00 9 mph E 13 C 0 mm 16% 20000 m 1016 mb

22:00 8 mph E 13 C 0 mm 58% 5000 m 1015 mb

Met office is showing gusts of 20mph, but it's not currently showing when in the day those gusts will be around. I'm hoping it'll be nicer either earlier in the morning or later in the evening.

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