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Hello from Kent

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My Name is Tim. I am based Kent (Canterbury area). I have recently completed a paramotoring course in France. I am returning to France this month to pick up some equipment.

Since doing the course I have been struggling to think about much else

I would be really interested in talking to anyone who goes flying in the kent area.



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Hi Tim

I live on the Isle of Sheppey and there are two of us here who are very interested in Paragliding and PPG. I am in the process of finding out who to train with to get me up there so it is great to hear of another local (ish) person who shares our interest. Please send me a private message and I will give you my contact details and I would appreciate if you could give me some pointers. I have met some great people through this site already and they are really keen to help others into this brilliant pursuit. Speak soon.


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Hello All.

I haven't been on here much lately so please excuse the delay in my response.

There are a few active pilots in the Kent area (and Sheppey in particular!) as mentioned in several previous posts. We are always happy to chat and help in any way that we can. The more local pilots the better!!!

If you wanted to get in touch by PM then I will gladly reply with my contact details so that we can chat about local instructors, flying sites and equipment suppliers.

Best regards,


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