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is there any market for


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Is there any market for a paramotor that is less bulky and produces considerably less thrust than conventional machines. I was thinking in the order of 15kg of thrust. Basically enough to provide level flight to next thermal and height top-ups when sink rate is low. I flew a PAP Top 80 a while back and had the most fun using minimum power for level flight and concluded it doesn't take much to stay up.

They would be less costly to manufacture too as the forces on the prop/components would be practically nothing compared to something kicking out x2 or x4 that amount. A quarter and sixteneenth respectively! Plastic prop/chainsaw engine ??

If there was one out there that came very close to the feel of a paragliding harness I would buy it and I think it would open up a new market to boot.

Any thoughts/experience :D

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The inflatable 'ultralight' is a recognised class over here in France:

The balloon ultralight (Class 5)

A balloon, ultralight meets the following techniques:

The maximum continuous power is less than or equal to 60 kW for single seaters and 80 kW for two seaters.

The volume of the helium envelope is less than or equal to 900 m3.

The volume of the envelope of warm air is less than or equal to 2000 m3.

I have seen one at one of the local microlight clubs, but not actually flying. The microlight association of france FFPLUM quote the percentage of the microlight fleet as 1% (in 2008).




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