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Flight GPS trace from saturday

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I like that, makes you wonder what the interesting things were that you circled over !

Did I read on the other forum that it was your longest flight to date ? not bad going, also had my longest on Saturday too but I was not as brave with the thermals :oops: .

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Thanks for pointing us to that great website. I have downloaded the app onto my iPhone and I used it this evening to record my flight:


I recommend it. The way that you can bring up the flight data by clicking the little mountain sign at the bottom right of the map is awesome. Easier to use than any other GPS logging that I have used so far. I have also found a good way of securing the iPhone to the flight deck. I stuck velcro to the back of my Otterbox case and then drilled some holes through the back so that I can tie it on just in case.

It was a fun hour in the air with my shiny new Paramotor after a few weeks away from home and flying.

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