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Best Flight Deck?


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I've had a Paradog flight deck for a while and find it, well, not very good. I was thinking of redeveloping the design and making it better but after 2 years and it still being where I left it I've decided to buy a different flight deck instead, so my question is, which is the best tried and tested flight deck?

Richard X

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Very interested in this thread as mine is not the best either. I have attached a link to flight instruments you may have seen already, just in case you have not there are a couple interesting options to add... http://beliteaircraft.com/electronics/

Currently using the SupAir front mount reserve container with instruments on the top, however the CHT gauge and the new stuff will no longer fit the compartment.

Then there is the Stu-Dash which is right up there 8)


Marko D

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I use a Gin flight deck. Instruments on the top, camera, drink & sweets inside and a mesh pocket on each side for whatever. The top flap and instruments fold into the bag and can be zipped up when you're done flying.


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