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UPDATED: iPhone4 Just Launched - Coming to UK this month !

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*** Updated below with WWDC2010 Keynote Video Link (iPhone4) & UK announcement ***

So Steve Jobs has just finished his WWDC2010 keynote speech, and for those of you that have been following things Apple of late - his main focus has been to confirm the worlds worst kept secret, with the official launch of the new iPhone4 !

The predictions were obviously bang on the money, after the prototype (left in a bar) had been passed to Gizmodo, dissasembled and details published. :shock:

The good news is that Apple have indicated that it is also to be released in the UK at the end of this month! :D

Although UK prices are still to be confirmed, US$ prices are as follows (Colour choice : Black or White):


Here are some useful (initial) links:

Apple official iPhone4 info here

Apple video clip: iPhone 4

Main specs also here: Gizmodo: iPhone 4 Definitive Guide

NEW LINK here: iPhone 4 confirms June 24 date with O2, Orange and Vodafone in UK


Q1) So how many of you are expecting to upgrade from your current iPhone for; the better phone reception, faster cpu, much higher res screen, 5MP camera, HD movie (720p) capability, better battery life, picture in picture video conferencing etc. etc. ?


Q2) With the previous 8GB iPhone 3GS now to be reduced to US$99 in the US, would you switch to the iPhone if there were an equivalent UK deal ?

Resistance is futile....? :wink:

Folks - with the higher res screen, more powerful cpu and iMovie for iPhone - you can post your flight movies even before you land.... :shock::D:D:D


I'll post the iPhone keynote video link as soon as it gets published...

[ See link here ] Apple WWDC2010 keynote video - iPhone 4


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Lucky me, who's contract just ran out. :-)

Just playing the waiting game now until this baby hits the streets.

I just cant this of a good reason not to have an I-phone, It remains my favorite gadget of all time.


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Lucky me, who's contract just ran out. :-)

Unlucky me who still has 12 months on my contract :-(

I want one!

Ive been out of contract for 2 months now and they keep calling me with really good sim only deals to keep my own phome, but they want me to sign up again for 12 months "NO" Iphone for me this time.

Better be as good as you lot say it is :D

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