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Ground handling wing


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Hi Guys

I'm just taking my first tentative steps into the world of paramotoring and was after a cheap ground handling wing to practice on. I think I would need a large one as i am 105kg and have been flying power kites for a while (4m to 10m) so have a slight idea what to expect.

Any advise on whether to buy the harness I would keep or just to get something to practice on now would be appreciated.

Thanks Donnie.

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when i learned to fly i was told not to buy a ground handling wing, so knowing it all, i did. looking back i would not have done it because its a waste of time (in my eyes). Different wings act differently and you will learn how to handle THAT wing, but you will have paid out money on a wing that you no longer need because you want one to fly with. As i say, just my opinion......

i do also have a ground handling harness which i use nearly every time i fly, its this one-

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PARAMOTOR-PARAGLI ... 393wt_1167

It can be set for low mid or high hang points and because its just straps, helps you not get sweaty !!

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the advise but i was only looking to spend a couple of hundred on the ground wing (just looking for one that would only be used for ground handling and will never be used for flying again) so not to damage the one i will eventually fly with. The harness you showed looks like it would do the job for now, will have a chat with the guy who is teaching me.

thanks again for the advise Donnie

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Why not buy a good wing once... get used to it, so you'll know it inside out when you do fly it..

Very often people buy s**t wings that handle badly for ground work, and they cant get onto it so easily.... it's disheartening watching someone trying to pull a 10year old porous wing up on a calm day... running like a leopard, then giving up....

So much easier with a crisp new modern reflex!!!

With a new wing.. you will look after it... just keep away from teh barbed wire fences... and stick to dry fields.. its not that difficult.

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Another useful tip- Things you should have bought first, but didn't appreciate/realise at the start.

1. Helmet

2. Helmet

3. Helmet!!!!!

4. Windspeed meter- if it blows 5-8mph on the first day or so... don't even unpack.... Once you're familiar and know what you're doing, and how to 'arrest' the wing with 'D' lines, then it's OK.... but if the meter ever goes above 10mph or is gusty, don't unpack!!!!!

5. Windsock and pole. I'd recommend a good 4m telescopic pole, with a 1.6m sock....

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Got to agree with Gordon on 1, 2, 3....

I haven't been dragged or fallen over and banged my head on the ground fortunately (been cautious with the conditions early on).

When I had a little altercation with a fence when landing I know my helmet made contact with the paramotor frame but no damage to the head :D

Always wear a helmet, it's a no brainer :idea:



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Thanks for the help and advise guys, i've got the helmet and windspeed meter from my powerkiting hobby and will wear it when handling the wing for sure.\\will take the advise and only take the wing out in >10mph winds as i know what its like to be dragged down a field with my larger powerkites.

cheers for all your help guys


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