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Dry break fuel connection


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Has anyone fitted dry break connections to their fuel line, so that the tank can be removed easily :?:

Would these type of fittings be suitable http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/Motorspor ... /1646/2821

I'm not familiar with the 'End Fitting' types, is 6mm push on suitable for 6mm ID hose :?:

If you look at the flow rates under the different series they're a bit mind boggling for a paramotor :lol:



As an aside they also do Fireproof Underwear for those radical moves :shock:

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The 6mm is the OD size of the hose yes.

They are great fittings and at the cheeper end of the motor sport ones out there.

Also Google Hel Hoses ( a great British company), who will put together whatever you ask them to, used them loads when drag racing, and for our Carbon Fibre stuff.


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It's fitted as standard to mine Alan. Pretty handy. The one way vent is great too. They should be a standard on all I reckon. I've heard of a few who forgot to vent their tanks and subsequently lost power.


Hummm, I though that it was a euro law that all petrol tanks had to be fitted with a PVRV ( A pressure vacuum Relief Valve)

The Parajet has one built into the cap it's self as do most as far as I know..

If people are getting problems because of not 'venting' they should be looking for the real problem (a blocked PVRV)


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The best option is to get the hose from the same person and replace that as well, if they supply it.

Some 'quick' connectors will allow for silicone or plastic (semi rigid) hose, where others will only work with the semi rigid stuff.

So in a nutshell, it's not just the size of your hose, it's how stiff you get it :-) :-)


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Those would appear to be the ones that Bailey use as standard. The only thing that slightly concerns me about this thread is that you must be aware that if you have a diaphragm fuel pump it is vital that this connection must seal perfectly and does not allow any air into the fuel system. Not an issue if you have a float carb.

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Most quick connectors use Buna O rings. Problem. Eventually they swell slightly making it harder to dis-connect/re-connect resulting in eventual damge/failure.

Sorry Alan, no part numbers, just noticed them when picking up some oil. The following links give better options.

http://www.tom-parker.co.uk/products_su ... roups=899A

http://www.tom-parker.co.uk/products_su ... roups=897A

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Guys, I have took a leap of faith and just ordered one. Dont buy them from demon tweeks though as they are £14.99 and they want £7.50 postage :evil:

Just copy and paste the item description into ebay and I got one for £13.99 plus £1.25 postage :mrgreen:

They look like they will do the job as long as they dont let in any air as they will be working under a slight negative pressure from a walbro pumped carb. Saying that I used to use festo pushfittings on my model jets for fuel and air systems and never had any issus under negative pressure ?

Will let you know :D

Tim, the welsh radne mad professor....IT'S ALIVE !!!!

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