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But the Ekranoplan was designed not to go higher then the influence of the ground effect which is why it could get away with such short wings. This thing seems to go higher than the ground effect would last for so it seems to me that it is generating enough lift to be "flying" rather than just "ekranoplan-ing"?

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Yes, it does seem to do as you suggest. So will that make it a light aircraft, a hovercraft or a hybrid Ekranoplan? The regulators will have a lot of fun with that one too.

Heeman Officially calls this invention a ‘wing in ground effect vehicle’ - a hovercraft which is able to fly due to a set of unusual aerodynamics. Heeman’s first test flight actually ended in a crash landing. He was lucky and escaped with only a bruised leg. After the accident Heeman made adjustments to the Hovercraft and now believes the hoverwing is ready. , but Mr Heeman has yet to decide who to choose.

http://www.techcraving.com/hoverwing-ho ... ove-water/


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