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newbie Kent info please

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Hi Guys,

Been thinking aboout Paramoters for a while but been too busy with other flying. I am an experienced microlight pilot both three axis and weightshift and have flown all over europe in cross countries and in championships. Just recently acquired from a friend a brand new paramoter I believe it is a PA 1100AS with a solo 210 engine, it still has not been run in.

As a begineer and ex flying instructor I recognise the need for proper training Is there anybody in Kent who I can talk too and obviously Simons name in Lambourn appears quite reguarly. I had a couple of days training in Sussex a few years ago on a paraglider to get some idea which was great fun.

One thing that put me off is that I am only 60KG but the above kit looks about right.

To start with I would like a fairly docile wing but one that can do cross country flights in, albeit in calmer conditions until experience has been built up.

Look forward to some answers tel number 01227 700441

Thanks Hadders, Canterbury

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Hi Hadders and welcome to the forum, from your text I would be inclined to think you have the same motor as mine, PAP 1100as, it has an inverted engine?

your wieght is not a problem for that motor and will fly you well, I am 76kg and mine has enough grunt to fly me clad in my flying gear plus all my other bits, camera, gps etc.

what wing will you be flying?

as for training, get yourself down to the flagpole when the weather breaks, its a great place to fly full of friendly helpfull people.

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Hi Hadders and welcome.

I fly (feels like I should say flew with all this shite weather we've been having!) in Kent and have access to fields near Maidstone, Sheppey and the Romney Marsh.

I also did some free flight training prior to being taught by a local instructor (pm sent)

Please feel free to give me a call on (07949) 988770 if you would like to get in touch.

Best regards,


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