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A New production 4 stroke paramotor.


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here is an answer to an email I sent to Paul at AXB Sports.

From: Mikey

To: 'Paul Haxby'

Hi Paul.

Very interesting..... I am sure you will get a lot of questions regarding this. Here are mine please.

1) What is the dry weight, all up less fuel?

2) How tall is the unit from the floor?

3) Will there be a low hang point version?

4) How much static thrust?

5) CC size of the 4 stroke engine.

6) When will they be ready for sale (including low hang point version if offered)?

7) Fuel consumption rate - average?



Hi Mike,

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Slightly heavier than a Bailey 4 stoke (a bigger crankcase with more oil) - 36kg

2. I am assuming you are referring to the height to the top of the frame - 140cm (90cm to the top of the engine)

3. No

4. Approximately 58kg static thrust, but the dynamic thrust is enough to get an 80kg pilot to 1000ft in 3.5 - 4 minutes with a medium Apco Vista HP.

5. 175cc for the FS1 - no plans to produce anything bigger at the moment

6. The production has already started - as I said there wont be a low hang point version.

7. 2.0 - 3 litres per hour - but this can depend on the pilot weight, size of wing, conditions and height gain on cross country flights.

Paul Haxby

AXB Sports Ltd

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Ive done a bit of info searching.the 175cc piaggo 4 stroke engine is was a honda gy6 engine.honda no longer make it as its been cloned the world over suprise-suprise. even the clone been cloned//its a cracking little motor can rev to over 12000 lots of tune up bits for it.i shall be looking to source one soon to see what i can get from it power wise plenty in the breakers..abx have a gem on there hands esp at the price..got to fin/my clone gx first. the gy6 started out as 150cc bored out to 175cc.i have to get one to see way abx left the gearbox in, i would remove the gears plug the holes to save a fair bit of weight,,mind u at under £3000 it a winner i think...£10.000 seems a lot dave but we dont know what it involved.. ///its a clone world///

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show us the way to go Jock........you are way ahead of me with your project.....but it was a big day for me yesterday....I fired my project GX up yesterday.....and all those nice (and expensive) tuning parts did their thing......it just oooozzes grunt...... :D ........18-20hp ...allegedly

it sounds that much but time will tell.....now Ive got the redrive to sort out.......ho humm :idea:

its something to do on these windy dark evenings

( if all else fails I will have the biggest badest pressure washer in the uk )

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Great did u fit kit 10.what prop r u using,i can get u the redrive plate £50 u need to source pulleys, wait til u put the prop on the thurst is from go to peak power.all good fun.im going to get one of those 175 scooter engines next project.will ask axb how much there frame is as it will have the mounts already on.i will see what can be done to tune the motor.i wish i could tig weld...

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i forgot to get a silencer,ive just cut my exhaust pipe to turn it round so it goes over the engine between the old fuel tank brackets,will get silencer.im thinking of getting some parajet scimitar 3 blade props if mine dont last when i get it back, new tips being put on it,hope to get it finished next week not that the weather looks anygood.what size is ur prop.the billet flywheel is a must,as the standard honda one can blow big time due to the high revs do u have a tiny tach..

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