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Map holder??


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I bought the larger map holder from Parashop:

Clear view map case Fully waterproof, fully transparent case. 4 D-ring clips to attach to virtually any item of ease of use 35.5 x 28cm

I have a strap around my waist to keep it in place. Being fully transparent you can have a different map behind and just turn the holder over to see it. Very good click seal on the edge.

Cheers, Alan


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I chopped an aviation map into A5 sized pieces, laminated them (with some back to back to save pages), punched holes at the edge and joined them with a couple of key-rings. A stretchy scuba lanyard completes the ensemble.

You can undo the pages and arrange them so the ones surrounding your immediate area are all close together, or just the ones you need for a route.

Small enough to stuff inside your suit or down the side of your seat. The lamination renders them almost indestructable and easy to felt pen or chinagraph notes or lines on.

Just as a side thought, it's really handy to draw a nice big 'wind arrow' on your chart when you go flying, perhaps using the aviation form with airspeeds at altitudes to get suitable values (sorry, can't remember the form number). Can help when diverting or landing at strange spots .. It's common practice in GA.


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