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Welcome to Warwickshire!


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Right then, lets get this part started...

Anyone flying already

Get in contact, if we can get enough of us together, we could get ourselves a decent field - any suggestions

Anyone wanting to learn to fly

get in contact and when we get a field you can come down for a chat and get to feel some kit!

I have a field but he wont allow anyone else, i also use a microlight club(£40p.a. membership plus insurance), but its on the edge of warwickshire and we could pehaps do with something more central (looking at my chart gaydon, southam, leamington area would be good, but leamington has a ceiling of 3500ft)

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I'm living in Wednesbury, but there don't seem to be too many people around this way actively involved, so I am looking to travel to wherever I can get in the air. Still waiting for my kit to be ready to collect from Paramania, which is supposed to be early in December, but as soon as I get that I am going to be looking for somewhere to use for ground handling, especially as March was the last time I even got close to a wing.

You mentioned Stratford and Rugby - both are equal distance from me.

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I was talking to a farmer a while ago who has land near to the M1/M6 junction and he was going to get back to me on whether he'd let some be used. That was back in early September (I think...) and I'll need to chase him up. I don't really know what restrictions are in place but I'll drag a chart out sometime soon and have a look.

Similar to what was mentioned above, I had spoken to a microlight airfield, but they got a bit sniffy when I mentioned paramotors using their field.

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Hi Eddie,

Had a bit of a health scare either side of the Airvault week, which kept me largely at home, and since then have been travelling like a maniac on business - 64k miles flown so far this year!

Thankfully it has quietened down since I changed roles, so I managed to get my motor and wing on order and am just waiting until early December when it should be ready for collection. After that it'll be loads of ground handling before I catch up with Pete to get myself in the air.

Really looking forward to it now and I'm glad I waited. Hopefully catch up with you sometime soon.



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