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Fusion trim cam


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What wing are you on ? The early Revos had weak springs so Paramania sent out stronger replacements FOC to anyone who needed them, you could put stronger springs in yours ?. In the meantime I suggest you squeeze the cam with your fingers to ensure it locks into place, thats what we used to do with the weak springs.

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I am having a similar problem with my revo when pulling the trims in they just slip back through the clamps, I have to put my thumb over the top and pull the clamps closed. I'm in contact with Serge at paramania about it.

He has asked me to send him a picture of my risers (to confirm if the springs have been changed I presume?)

I have the old style risers.

Tom :fail:

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I saw somewhere that someone who was having a similar problem put some rows of stitches (to bulk up thickness) I think crosswise across the webbing (although might have been along it).

Giving the clip a squeeze as you pull back the webbing against the cam, can help lock it in place.

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I have a Revolution 28 and found that the trim springs became loose after only a couple of hours flying. I contacted Paramania who kindly sent a couple of sets of the stronger springs through the post, one set of which I fitted immediately.

Nearly 30 flying hours later I have found that the trim adjusters are slipping again (I too had one side slip out by a couple of inches on take-off :shock: ).

I have fitted the 2nd replacement set of springs but wanted to post here to warn others with the stronger springs to remain vigilant as they are obviously not a permanant solution!

I have left an answer phone message with Paramania asking for them to call me back so that I can get some more springs ready for when they fail again but a week later am still awaiting a callback.


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