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Suunto X10


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Has anyone got one of these?

Are then any good/worth the money?

What other similar products are there on the market that people are using?

It does seem an expensive piece of kit but then it has loads of features. I'm wondering if I need such an all-inclusive product or whether there are alternative cheaper products available.

Also, does anyone know what the difference is between the X10 and X10M?

Thanks in advance

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i have the x10m, i believe the only difference is that the military version is reverse screen lcd with a red manual backlight. ie. black screen with white numbers... the std is white with black numbers

build quality -- good, strap a bit plasticky though - you also get a strap extension for wearing over your suit.

buttons..a bit hard to press - but you can live with it

as for features... bloody awesome - but you know that already.

battery... no prob, its not an everyday watch as its a bit bulky in my opinion so i charge the night before i think im flying.

the x10 has built in rechargeable battery not a standard disposable..

one gripe.... i dont like having to pass my right arm through the risers to reach the watch on my left wrist -as i cant reach around - makes me nervous... but il get over that!

get one bought!

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I doubt there will be much, if any import duty, but there will be VAT at 17%. You will also be charged a handling fee by Parcel Farce or whoever deals with the delivery, this is usually around the £15 mark.

Some vendors have been known to be 'creative' on customs declarations, although US less than far east. You could try asking.


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I have an X9, I have used it for flying (a while ago) and did find it to be useful. Unfortunately the GPS on the X9 was utter junk and never really worked correctly. It took ages to get a fix and was then very glitchy and inaccurate, I have heard of several users all reporting the same issues. I also believe that recent purchases of the X9 have been upgraded free of charge upon complaint as it is known by Suunto that it is a bit rubbish.

Despite this the watch was still fairly useful although the problems mean it doesn't get used much any more.

I have spoken to an owner of the new X10 who also had an X9 and he has reported that all the faults with the X9 have been fixed and it is indeed a fine piece of kit. I may well get hold of one myself despite getting burned on the X9.


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the x10m uses military units of measurement ie mils not degrees

i looked at the x10, but from what i can gather you have to change screen to see different functions, i use a basic gps - a geko - it shows any combination on one screen, glide ratio, speed, bearing, trip time(starts automatically!), altitude etc. i intend to get the garmin 401 wrist one instead - ugly but practical

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