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Paramotor Show 2009-10

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I am not going to bother this time either.

Last year, it was tiny.

The problem with an indoor show is that you can't try the kit.

I launched the Fusion 26, no motor of course (as I wanted to see the difference between it and the 23) and nearly got booted out by the fun police.




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the show is getting worse every year.......and Ive been to them all !!! (since) 95......I wouldnt bother if I was just flying paramotors....But I feel I have to go because I still fly microlights.....

(Why do I feel this way).....

Every year I say...... Never Ever Again......the parking is expensive and miles away from the hall ......you can get a bus if you a willing to wait ,,and get herded like cattle into them if the driver decides to stop (they dont allways)...the food and drink are expensive on and on and on......I wish I could break the addiction :cry:

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I know how you feel Gary, exactly my thoughts as well. When it was held at Telford it was excellent and because the financial outlay was less, more traders took part but a lot have deminished since moving to the NEC. So l don't think l will be going this year.



looking forward to our next PMC flyin though 8):roll:

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