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Congratulations Joe !

Great news to hear that your perseverance and patience has paid dividends. Which no doubt makes your first flight all the more sweet.

I bet you must be walking around with a smile a mile wide :lol:

All the best, and do keep posting your experiences - as you start to test your kit more.


P.S. Am now off to read your blog properly from start to finish....

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Thanks Guy's,

It's been 3 long years since I started this project and over 30 since I wanted to fly. To finally fly a machine that you've built from scratch really leaves you feeling good about yourself.

It also goes to show that you can build a safe, reliable and relatively cheap paramotor for £1000 (£250 of which was for the harness) The little 100cc Yamaha engine purred along providing plenty of thrust (55kg). Also if anything does go wrong with it you can fix it yourself because you know the machine inside out!

I'm going to reinstate my entire blog soon so all the information about the build will be available.


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well done mate, a true testament to perseverance, now you will become like the rest of us, always walking around looking up at the sky and thinking, "flyable or not flyable", the slightest speck in the sky will grab your attention as you strain to focus your eyes and see if its a fellow PPG pilot :D


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Thanks Alan and Dave, it's a great feeling to finally become a pilot. I'm really looking forward to more flights. There's been quite a few times that I felt like throwing in the towel and taking up golf or something :) but something in me kept me going, I guess you guys know what I'm talking about :)



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