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Unable to view videos


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I have just set up a new computer with Vista and cannot see the videos.

Is there a setting I need to change?


EDIT Problem solved, I have downloaded Adobe Flash Player. I forgot this is a good thing to install on a new computer.

I could kill Bill G*tes though (along with millions of other no doubt), it has been a long road to get this PC to work in English.

Why does Microshit have to make everything so complicated? I just want the PC to do what I WANT IT TO.

I've put the name above with an asterix because this is the 2nd attempt to enter this edit, the first time Internet Explorer encountered a problem and had to close - go figure :evil:

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Hi Alan

Sorry to hear you are having a few problems. But can you give some more info ?

Have you got video clips on your hard disk that you are unable to view, or are you having trouble downloading video from your camera to your PC ?

If the former, what file format is the video in?

If the latter what is your camera, and what are you using to download the video ?


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Glad you managed to sort it out Alan.

Unfortunately windows has not been strong on handling video, although Win7 is rumoured to be more promising. A couple of years ago my hospital spent a small fortune on a maxed out top spec PC, high end graphics card, Adobe Premier etc. and we spent days trying to get an easy workflow for our surgeons to create video clips of operations. Out of desperation I brought my sons old gen iMac in the next week, plugged the camera in and used iMovie to make a movie in minutes. After that they never looked back...

Anyway I digress, does this mean you will soon be posting some video clips here :wink:

Being a newbie (still tied to the ground), the video clips are what keep me motivated. So many great places to visit, so many PPG adventures to look forward to - hence my 'Video of the Week' thread.



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I can't see embedded video in postings. I've got flash player installed, but video appears as a plain white square. If I right click on the square, I get a short menu which says "movie not loaded" and "about Adobe Flash player 11........."

Any ideas?



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