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what training wing ?


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Hi Guys,

Had my first 2 days training and thanks Simon and Colin for Patients and expert guidance.

Feels very alien at the mo but certainly got the bug and very determined. So looking forward to more days on the cowpat field lol

I’m just wondering if their is a cheap wing that anyone could recommend just for ground handling ? and would any paragliding wing do for this ?

I have seen 2 on ebay, One for paragliding and one just for ground handling which is smaller would i be best going for a small one which is more forgiving on the wind or one that’s nearer the size i might be using.

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Hi Jason

Great to meet you yesterday, and hope you had a bit more breeze today?

As far as a cheap wing, Simon posted something about one only a day or two ago. I'll check the link and add it back here.

Added: Here's the link: http://www.paramotorclub.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3708&hilit=training+wing+%C2%A3300

Cheers, and hope to see you at Lambourn again soon.


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you will probably find 2 differing opinions on this amongst our members, some say its better to get an older wing and some say its better to Gh the wing you intend to fly, I can only speak from personal experience, I fly the wing I ground handled and I think that may be the best way, I already had the "feel" of the wing sussed before I took to the air.


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I got an ex-demo Dudek Marlin to use as a ground handling wing so as not to trash my new Revo, after all it is my main flying wing and want to keep it in tip top condition. It also means that I can take it out in higher winds during the winter period so that I'm on track to get flying in the new year..... The best money I have spent since buying my motor....

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