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I have great news!!!!

At long last, much testing, tweeking, testing and more tweeking, a few servers and web companies, hundreds of man & woman hours, a bit more testing and then a massive import of data, followed by the final test (happening now).......

The all new Paramotor Club site will be LIVE inside of the next 48-hours!!!!

As a result of the change over there will be a period of down time of a max of 1-hour at some point in the 48-hours.

You will benefit much more from the new site when logged in with your username and password so please do so when the new site is live.

A top tip, for anyone with an item in the classified ads, (load a picture and add a price) ;-)

A top tip for anyone without a classified ad, and something around that you don't use... Get it on there soon. :D


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When posting a you tube vid now...

you need to include the http:// bit :D

when you have pasted the link into your message, highlight it and click the 'youtubevdeo' button which will be in the top right of your message window.

In a nutshell, add http:// to what was just www.


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