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Guildford, Instructors

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Hi Gary,

I'm close to you and decided to travel to the Lambourn site to be trained by SimonW, its an hours drive but worth it in my opinion, check out Berkshire & Wiltshire branch on this forum.

If you want to pop round here to discuss stuff feel free, or just give the man a ring directly however he may be fully booked with students.


Dan (Knaphill)

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What time on Tuesday are you thinking of Morgy.

(starting to collect cobwebs again lol)

Great day on Sunday--- good crowd--- plenty of toys to play with (Cheers Dan and Deano) lots of coffee to drink. Down side was it was to windy. We need to have the summers of the 1970's back again. 8)

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Mike, get one of these (battery optimiser), the best £25 you can spend to save those flat battery moments


Oxford Oximiser - Essential Battery Optimiser

Quickly charges batttery at 600mA/hour until full and maintains a gentle trickle charge to keep battery optimised.

Protected against short circuits for 240V

* Plug-in Battery care for 12V lead-acid batteries up to 30Ah

* Suitable for all 12V battery types up to 30Ah including: Gel, MF and acid batteries

* Recovers deeply discharged batteries

* Protected against short circuit

* 2 year guarantee

* Now with Free Wall Bracket

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You got to sort out that DUFF battery mike!!! i was looking forward to flying with you and dan :D next time i guess :roll: anyway thanks for sorting my wing out after my first aborted launch. The air was silky smooth up there. i want to know where the other guy went (luke) i think he shot of like a rocket

I had a great flight last night my first sunset flight to date :lol: buzzed a hot air balloon two first's in one flight.

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Hi Dan and Mark,

Yeah, that was a choker. All set up, pressed the button and .................. nout. Anyway l bought an optimiser this morning and no it was not £25 more like 49.99. but got one anyway as l obviously need one quick as the weather seems to be holding if not consistently.


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