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Revo v Gofly ?

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Im still trying to decide what kit to buy (saving) and was wondering if the extra £600 for the revo is going to be a wise expence for my first wing. I did my first four flights on a GoFly and I thought it was fantastic but I have never touched a Revo so can't compare.

What are the major differences, is it just speed handling ? safety is a big deal so is the gofly going to be a "safer" wing? (for a bigginer)



:fail: <------ ME Lol

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Man, I love these graphics, they are great! Lets do it in formation. LOL

Someone will pop up soon though I suspect there might not be many who have flown the GoFly. Just a thought. It might be because people tend to buy a wing they can grow into rather than a wing designed specifically for beginners which (please correct me if I am wrong) the GoFly seems to be.


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The Go fly is a non reflex training wing.

Slow take offs slow landings and slow flying.

It's actualy a re-brand of the GIN Bolaro (a Paragliding wing)


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You need to try a Revo, I think it would be the way to go.

Not knowing or seeing your experience level it would be difficult to recommend a specific wing, but you can't go wrong with the Revo imo.

Loads of them about flying and enjoyed by there pilots. Passive safety is very high. The risers are more complicated than the Gofly with extra trims which is something else to remember in pre flight and fiddle with on launch. The launch is where is will be different being reflex, hold the A's longer job done.

SW is the man to call, he has the training experience with new pilots.

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I have flown my revolution on all of my nearly 40 flights, apart from my very first powered flight when I borrowed my instructors Nemo Moto as it was low wind and I was staying local to the field.

I love the wing. It's stability on full fast trim inspires such confidence. I did find it quite tricky to forward launch in light conditions for a while but practice has overcome this. I feel that it will take a decent amount of time for me to outgrow it's capabilities.

As CustomVince suggests, I would highly recommend trying one!

Best regards,

Ian Mooney.

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