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Flying fields, Oxon & Bucks

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Hi All,

Struggling to find any local flying fields (based Haddenham nr Thame) to even practice ground handling (still training with Simon W and not airborne yet). Obviously guys are out there (have seen them flying) and happy to pay some money to use a field. Come on guys - feeling very isolated, frustrated and lonely out here...

Fully understand if field is for private use only (and not upsetting the neighbours) but there must be some friendly land owners out there...

Please drop me an email (I check email more frequently than Forum).

Best Regards

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Still trying to sort out fields for flying from myself. If you want to ground handle you can use the football field where the skateboard park is off the ring road around Thame.

There are usually a few people kite flying there anyway and I just have a bigger kite than them!!

I live opposite so if I spot you I will come over, or you can ring and I will join you.

As soon as I can sort out a field I will let you know, there doesn't seem to be a lot of response on this site lately.

I am sure there is a field somewhere local we can use.

We just have to find it!



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I have said this to Eddie but I'll say it here,

Guy bond will for £10 allow you to take off in an East wind, lovely field in whitchurch with slight downhill. There was a fellow near oving, maybe worth searching the forum.

Tetsworth has a huge flat open field that is common land, you will need to walk your motor in. I am happy to do this with you and Eddie one night perhaps even next week. A Westerly would be a good one for me as I enjoy the crack up the hill in lambourn in an easterly.

Simon send me a PM with your detail

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Newbie to the site and living in Oxfordshire for now! Got 2 hours on my RAD MXL and loving it :D

Sorry to crash this post but myself and my friend (Also on an MXL) are looking at trying to find some launch sites around us and am interested in checking out this field @ Tetsworth as it is only 10 mins from me.

Can anyone tell me which field it is i am looking for (don't wanna end up getting chased by a farmer)! The old launch site is no go now, and it had nothing to do with us, just incase anyone thinks we were being idiots!

I Have had a look in google earth has anyone got the co-ords for it or a tag on google earth? there are a few big open fields around!

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I have had no trouble finding a field by me, just find one you like the look of and ask if you can use it. ive asked 3 times and had 3 yes's (yes', yessess??), one guy actually can and asked me if i wanted to fly from his land!. Also worth noting is microlight fields or gliding clubs, ive joined a local microlight field for £40 pa - its hardly used, has 3 runways and a permanent windsock! yes's.

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Hi guys,

Just incase anyone is wondering about this field mentioned at the above co-ordinates, the owner will not allow flying from there as he only has grazing rights to the field, and receives nasty letters from the council if he lets anything else happen there!

Just thought i would let you all know so you don't get into any bother :D


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