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A 'potential' here from Kent

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Hi All

Joined up to find out all I can about your sport!

Currently all my leisure time is taken up on two wheels, a temperamental Ducati for the road and a trusty old Honda for trail riding across those parts of the Garden of England that haven't yet been tarmaced over :wink:

Anyway, on my hols last year in the Alps I took the opportunity of a tandem Paraglider trip....and loved it 8)

I've been researching going back to do a full course since (and saving hard), but it seems to me the opportunities to fly are greatly enhanced with a powered wing, hence me joining here

I intend to hang around for a while (funds nowhere near enough yet) and gather all the info I can - maybe turn up at a few gatherings and meet some like minded souls

Anyone else that considered powered or unpowered flight prior to leaping in I'd love to hear what you chose and why? And if you made the right choice...

Cheers for now

g00ner (Mike)

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Welcome to the PMC Mike. :D

I am sure you will get plenty of answers from people here.

Your also more than welcome at the Lambourn site any time!


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If you go to the forum index and have look through you will find loads of info from questions that have already been answered.

For the record

What is your weight (will decide which motors and wings will be suitable, to a degree)

Pete b

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Thanks :D, I intend to take up all offers of info and advice

Currently I'm a moderately chunky 15st, partly due to giving up smoking after the aforementioned Tandem flight to help toward the savings fund (I'm £200 a month better off and 2st heavier :oops: )

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Hi Mike, the weight you have put on will soon fall off again. It took me just over a year to give up smoking but my sweet tooth kicked in big time and l went up to just over 17st. I am now 15st but still have to work at it to keep it within that range or l would have to change my wing lol.

Regards Mike 8)

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Hello Mike.

I thought about paragliding only as a way of getting experience of flying the wing ready for motor flying. You didn't say where in Kent you are but I am near Maidstone and knew that I'd soon get bored with driving all over the county (and further) from hill to hill chasing the wind!

Paramotoring is the closest thing you will get to riding a motorbike in the air, so I'm sure you will love it. If you wanted to meet up when we fly you can borrow my small training wing and harness to see what ground handling is about.

Best regards,


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iv ehad the ducatis, 749, 999 and 1098 -- sold em

ive done the greenlaning, wor days, red days -ktm 530exc-r --- sold it yesterday...

got the paramotor..parajet macro, dudek synth 34.... NOT FOR SALE!

dont hesitate bud, go for the motor, it was useful experience for me to have hill lessons, but as a previous post says.. driving around looking for a sub 5mph wind all week can sometimes get tedious.

sell a bike and get airborne!.

but .... get correct tuition and listen to as much advice as you can without going doolally... every bit counts.

good luck!

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Cheers Mike, I've stabilised at 15st now, hopefully it'll start to drop off :roll:.

Ian, I'm in Maidstone too nr The Bull pub on Penenden Heath - would be up for coming over to watch or help when you next have a flight?? Bit of ground handling experience would be great too, thanks!

And nice bikes Macey, I love mine but can't get rid of the feeling I should be getting up in the air....I've considered selling the dirt bike to cover the cost of training, should just cover it. Buying the kit will come after, I'll worry about that then

Getting excited already, I have that feeling it aint going away :D

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Having squared it with my family (think i've bored them into submission), I'm set to book a training course. Would prefer the intensive variety rather than spreading it out over time, so can anyone recommend a school/instructor down near Kent? I don't mind travelling a bit..

Also I've aquired a harness from a kite surfing friend and an invitation from a mate to join the local Scouts power kite team(!) to practice ground handling - does anyone have a suitable practice wing I could purchase to get me started?

Cheers all


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Hi Mike,

Just joined the site myself yesterday. Live in Yalding - interested in getting myself a proper "hobby"! Got a Ducati 750SS in the garage, as a long term restoration project - seriously considering cutting my losses and selling it to fund some paramotor training. (Still got a Fireblade though,which I use to commute into town.)

As you seem to be a couple of months ahead of me - v interested to hear how you're getting on!



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