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??paramotor for beginer??


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After some hard saving and a few extra jobs on the side I am looking to purchase my 1st paramotor. I am limited to £1000 or LESS to budget for a wing & training as well. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which model would be best suited to a beginer? I am 74Kg so lots of power is probably not required. Hopefully someone out there will have a bargain :wink:

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Sam, is that £1000 for motor, wing and training? If so, I think you are being optimistic. For that sort of money you are likely to get lumbered with a right nail both in the motor and wing department.

Personally, I'd have thought that £1000 might just get you a motor on it's own, and even then will be at the bottom end of the spectrum.

Hope that doesn't put you off, just don't scrimp too much or you will likely be disappointed.


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Coming on here is a very good first step.

Well done with the saving but I'm afraid that unless you get very lucky then as Phil said you need to be very careful what you buy with your hard earned £1000!

Have you considered joining up with someone else close to you who might be in a similar boat and sharing the equipment and learning experience together? £2000 goes twice as far!

Or maybe a local pilot might let you buy into the sport and share their gear and wisdom with you for £1000?

You could spend the money purely on training with an instructor who has school kit for you to use, that way you get good tuition, get to know whether this sport is for you and it puts you in the right environment to pick up any bargain kit that pops up.

There are many ways to skin a cat and if you've taken on additional jobs to get this far then you are obviously committed to the idea paramotoring, so I wish you good luck!

Best regards,


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Welcome to the forum. :D

Indeed, as stated above it is probably better to invest in some lessons to see if you like the sport first. During that time you can then save some more money for kit.

I think spending a reasonable amount on kit is sensible as at the end of the day, you put your life in the hands of your wing and motor. If buying second-hand it is probably advisable to take along someone with a bit of experience and who knows what to look out for, again this is where an instructor can come in handy.

Stick around here and you will get lots of insight and advice, everyone is friendly and willing to lend a hand if they can. Teaming up with pilots local to you will also be beneficial in finding out about this great sport and you'll also have people to fly with once you take to the skies.

Good luck buddy!

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Good Boots (with really good ankle support)

Training Depends if its daily or a full course

Second hand wing £400-£1600


Second hand Paramotor £700-£3500

Reserve £ 200--(£400 new)

In that order if on a tight budget

Pete b

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Yes the £1000 is just for a motor, I have been looking for long enough to realise that you don't get a lot for that amount of money in this sport. As you have suggested I think I will complete the Paramotor training first (already done a paragliding course) that way I can tap the instructor for tips on buying kit.

Cheers all for the advice and if anyone wants to offload a really good, preferably brand new, motor for next to nowt I would be very grateful! WELL YOU HAVE TO TRY DON'T YOU!!! :D

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