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Broken Prop


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You can folllow my antics on the message on the Kent section.

I broke my first prop this morning.

It had a small split about 18mm and i flew with it, but noticed vibration through the chassis and risers.

I returned to my landing field after completing 55 minute flight.

The prop broke as I ended up on my rear end! :cry:

My question is wodden replacement or carbon fibre? I am a 9 hour pilot of sorts and i am thinking whether I will be breaking more in the future so should I go the wooden route?

Are the carbon fibre more resilient to damage?

Would appreciate comments so I can decide which rout eto take.

Fortunately, money is not a problem in this case.



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Wood, definitely. More robust, more repairable by the individual, and SO much cheaper. If a carbon one is the same profile, it won't produce any more thrust, although I've been told they can be a bit quieter.

Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones who now goes forward and NEVER dings another. I would suggest that the odds are probably in favour of at least another one biting the dust (probably literally)

Having said that, if money really is no object, if it was me, I'd probably keep two or three carbon ones because they look pretty.


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When straightening cages, heat is your friend. Nylon stringing can be replaced with strimmer line.

Balancing any prop (in the unlikely event it comes to you unbalanced) can be done with coats of lacquer on the light blade. Well worth doing, it really cuts vibration.

In the future, minor dings can be repaired with super glue and baking powder, splits with waterproof wood glue or epoxy. Keep up to it and you'll reap the rewards in the long run.


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Hi Mike,

I've been through what you're going thru at the moment.

I found that my clearance was less at the bottom of the cage than the top, so as you say suitably positioned force to make everything straight, or back to it's original shape. My cage is aluminium (Fresh Breeze) so it was fairly easy to make it look right again.

I hadn't realised that the two bottom sections had become mis-shapen because I keep the motor on the bottom half all the time, it's a 4 section cage with centre motor frame. A couple of awkward tumbles caused the distortion, plus prop damage.

The prop saga is that I repaired the original carbon fibre twice after taking the tips off, then smashed it good time (probably weakened by the previous dings). I bought a new scimitar carbon one (£ouch) and have now repaired the tips twice on this one. The replacement is definately stronger than the original. I use glass fibre loaded epoxy resin to re-mould the tips and it only comes off when dinged again :lol:

I am getting good at moulding tips so I would go for a carbon prop if I need another. It would be better not to fall over of cours :roll:



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