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Reflex non reflex?

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Hi guys, im a newbie to the site although I have posted a couple of times. Thought id better introduce myself before I bug you with more daft questions :D My names Steve and im in Teignmouth, Devon. Not flying yet but have thought about it for about 20 years lol.

Basically I would like to paramotor really but have heard that I sould learn to paraglide first. Am I right in thinking that there is more stricter training sylabus with paragliding than there is with paramotoring? I have seen the student pilot, club pilot etc classifications but there doesnt seem to be the same for paramotors? Ive been offered to be shown the basics by a generous guy who is local to me who is very experienced with both diciplines. I have a healthy fear/respect for flyers as I am a mature 41 yo under no illusions that this is a dangerous sport.

I see lots of cheap wings on ebay but always told myself I would buy a new wing for safety sake but the ones I am watching appear to be low hours, certified and serviced wings for cheap money. I assume to be buying a second hand motor at least to start with in case its not for me. I have saved funds for a new wing and motor but thought id start on used gear.

I know theres a lot of stuff here but as I say im a newbie? thanks for any info :) Steve

Ooops, sorry. Forgot my original question- Whats the difference between a reflex and non reflex wing? Thanks

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Welcome Steve

I'll let the experts answer all your questions, but I did the same as you're thinking.

Brought a new wing - the thing that keeps you up and a second hand motor.

Just need a few other bits now (they all add up to don't forget :) )

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If you want to paramotor then just learn to paramotor - while a paragliding course may be mostly relevant I think it's easier to be taught exactly how to fly with an engine in the conditions that we prefer from the sites we use. I think the PMC training will shortly create a pilot structure similair to the one you have seen. You can learn through the BHPA which takes you through various levels of pilot rating up to power but you would have to check with somone who knows more about that.

The reflex profile and how it works is covered quite well on this site <>

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Hi Dan, thanks for the link. Interesting reading although most of it over my head (no pun intended lol) I dare say it will mean more to me when I get flying and learning more of the terminology. Asquaddie- How is the gear working out? Are you training with an instructor or a experienced pilot? Can i be cheeky and ask how much your Parajet was second hand? cheers, fellas. Steve

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Hi Cheeky

Training at Lambourn with Simon and a day with Pete – checkout my training blog for more details.

Can PM details if you wish, but Parajet was £2,100 with 20 hrs on the motor (stated by previous owner)

With a 25 minute flight – wing feels really good and safe. Motor, might of felt a slight lack of power on the climb, but I think my posture was wrong so the angle of the thrust might have been wrong.


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