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Got kit need advice!

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I have managed to get myself on a paragliding course whilst I am saving hard to get a paramotor. Also I have finally managed to get myself some old paragliding kit. I know it is probably too old and decrepid to actually fly but should be ok for a bit of ground handling practice I think. An Edel Orion 27 with harness and carry bag just dropped into my lap for free and it looks and feels in pretty good shape! If there is anyone in the Rutland area who could give me the basics on ground handling I would be really gratefull. I have laid it out and some of the lines seem to be a bit twisted, I don't really want to start disconnecting them without advice though incase I make it worse.

Looking forward to hearing from you all


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Hi Sam, Its good you have booked a course, as for your wing, if it used to fly then the twists are what you said, just twists. You should not need to dissconnect anything. Secondly don't be tempted to ground handle on your own without some advice. If you havn't been introduced to a wing before now and especially in high winds it could bite you.

There should be someone around the Rutland area that can and will help you as the flying community in this sport arer very freindly.


Take care and wish you well in your future flying.

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Hi Sam

Welcome to the forum, I live just over the border in Northants but work in Peterborough at Ferry Meadows Country Park. if you don't get anybody close by to help you, send me a PM with your phone number ( Land line please, dont like them mobile things :x ) and i'll give you a call to arrange a meeting and get you going safely, if you don't have anywhere to fly from i'm sure we can sort something out. :D


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I jetski from Tallington at the weekends (up from London)

At the rear of my mobile home I use a field to fly from..................ok I have only ground handled to date.

please sure to give you a few basics.

Rutland water is a lovely place to practice from?


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Hi Sam,

I live in Quorn, Leicetsreshire.

I find it's often the brake lines that cause all the problems. If you can unsnag those it's often easier.

The next thing is to sort the lines out in order. Most wings have lines of different colours which helps.

Start with all the lines that start at the front of the wing and lay them out so they are on top of all the others. More often than not, if you sort these out properly it becomes clear where the twist is.

I wouldn't recommend undoing anything.

Please feel free to get in touch if I can help.



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