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As most of you know, Danny C had an accident yesterday while being tow launched from our winch.

I went to the hospital.

He is in a much better way than he was at the field! Sitting up, chatting, saying thanks to the helpers and what a nice bunch our club is.

He has placed an order for a Parajet of course which will take 6 weeks, which is how long they say it will take him to recover.

Thanks to all of you for helping out, and to the air ambulance crew who as always did a top notch job.

Its great that this has not put you off Danny! see you and your wife back in the field soon.

I hope this is enough info for those that want to know that he is very much OK.

SW :(


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Glad to hear Danny is on the mend, thank you sky god's. We began towing reflex wings here this summer, with caution as explained in the manual - so interested of course in what went wrong with Danny's flight. Please elaborate if you can, on the details, and help us practise safe towing.

Thanks from Canada,

Mark Dean, Skyraider

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As expected this question has been asked.

To keep it simple....

Danny progressively but quickly applied of the brakes until a deep stall, which happened at 20ft during launch.


We were not using a reflex wing for the towing.

We have towed an Action and can tell you 100% that the wing needs to be on FULL speed trim!!!!!

Please do call if you are in any doubt about what you are doing. +447983 428 453 gets you on the phone to me and I can give you many more contacts Ref Towing.


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