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This is an invite to all (Paramotor Club Members and guest's) to come and join the Skycar team at Dunsfold Park (Top Gear track) on the 14th of Jan 09 to come and watch the Skycar fly and the expedition leave for Timbucktoo.

You will need to be there by 11:00.

The car will be flying (weather permitting) as always.

It will be a great few hours for people with children and general aviation nuts.

The Paris Dakar Truck we have just finished putting together today... will also be there ( its very impressive ) as will all of the rest of the SkyCar team.


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Simon W was in London at the press launch today and travelling to Dunsfold in the morning for the official "departure"

I'm planning to get down to Dunsfold and see this thing fly with my own eyes (video camera in hand) in the morning. I'll be leaving from Reading at about 8am if anyone wants to share transport.


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Blinkin freezin'!

A motley crowd started gathering at about 09:30 at Dunsfold awaiting the arrival of the Skycar crew. The freezing fog shrouded the whole airfield and very little moved except for the sound of a supercharged V8 pounding up and down the main runway (more of that later).

Rumours started of problems getting out of London - which later turned out to be true, one of the support vehicles had some interesting problems of the "not going forwards" kind :-(

Eventually the Skycar turned up. It has a Yamaha R1 bike engine it it so it revs very freely and sounds crazy but not nearly as crazy as it accelerates. It isn't often that you see a four wheeled vehicle pull a wheelie!

The CAA have yet to issue the experimental aircraft license so there was to be no flying today - but the fog was too thick so it wasn't going to happen anyway. Instead everyone went down to the main runway and set up on the grass strip to the side. I had a fascinating discussion with Michael who designed the wing. It is a completely new design especially for the Skycar.

Gilo and Neil ran a few test runs down the strip with the wing up but NOT taking off. I have some video that I'll upload to YouTube as soon as I can find the blasted cable!

Here are a few pictures for those of you who couldn't be there:








Various people (mainly MayContainNuts) sitting in it


Yes - it is road legal and taxed!




The team



Is that a Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss vanishing in to the fog?


Getting ready to test launch


Ah yes, the source of the V8 supercharged roar, it is a Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss


And no it isn't the Stig driving. I was standing next to him at the time ;-)

More later. I'll be posting regular updates as I have a SPOT tracker attached to SimonW ;-)


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Hi all,

Just a quick update, All is going well, we are at the Mumm 'Chato' lol in france at the moment for some food and a night. :D What a treat.

We are having a great time and getting LOADS of support from people as we travel (the news has been global)

The car is working well, as are the rest of the support trucks.

Sorry I cant stop for long as I have loads of bubbles to drink :D (after my daily jobs of course ;-) )

So chuft to be a part of this adventure!

Cheers all.


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