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BaileyAviation new products at SPLASH


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Dear All,

Just a quick reminder that we will be attending the SPLASH 2008 exhibition at the Birmingham N.E.C. on 29th/30th November, so please come along and see us on stand No. 38 to check out our 2009 range of paramotors and trikes. We will have on display two new products: -


Introducing the BAILEY-V3-180

An evolution of our very successful Bailey4Stroke 150/175 engine. A completely new design incorporating many new features, it is lighter, more compact and more powerful than its predecessor and will be available in manual or electric start. This exiting new engine is due for full production release early 2009.


After extensive prototyping and testing we have finally perfected our long awaited active chassis.

This innovative new system allows extreme weightshift manoeuvrability while

maintaining constant motor pitch, it is also lockable for novice pilots.

See you all at the show.



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i for one am very interested in seing the new machine any chance of a sneaky peak paul???? :wink:

i will see you at splash for a chat!!!


The reason being that the only one currently in existance is on our development chassis, Once a design is finished and tested it takes quite a while to manufacture jigs, tooling etc in order to produce in any quantity. We should have 2 production examples at SPLASH, see you there.


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