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Ground Handling – Reverse Launches in Stronger Conidtions


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Subject: T008 Training Day – Forward & Reverse Launches

Date: Sun, 02 Sep 07

Site: Hyde Farm (Purton)

Wing: Synthesis

Motor: Nil

Ground Handling – Reverse Launches in Stronger Conidtions

Saturday evening and a quick text to Simon to check that he will be on site in the morning – no reply. Sunday morning another text – no reply. OK, no problem, decision time for me. 0930 hrs and it was windy outside and I was guessing that it was going to get worse. Looking out the window it was gusting to about 12 mph ish. Mind made up – car packed and I was off. On the way, I had a call from Simon saying that the training was off because of high winds in Lambourn. I was nearly on site so I thought I would make my mind up when I got there.

I had my wind monitor thingamajig out and the max was 15 mph, but blowing up around 3-10 mph. Wing out, all pre-checks done (+ trimmers). Gloves & Helmet on and laid out the wing. Sorting the wing out is much faster now, which gives me more time playing.

Had three 30 minute sessions of getting the wing above my head, turning and running. Making a few notes along the way – any advise would greatly be received.

I noticed the wing was staying more at an angle of 50 degrees and then found it hard to get it above my head – I guess that I was not learning back and pulling hard enough…

With stronger winds, I just could not run forward. I was getting pushed back each time – I guess that I needed some more thrust (like a motor) and within a step or two I would be in the air..

Twice, I was holding onto the wrong brake handle on turning around – Obvious answer there.

Tried a couple of times to bring the wing up holding the ‘D’ lines, but just could not hold it and the wing collapsed each time – Simon to advise.

All in all a good morning, strong winds made it hard but fun. As I was leaving the field, I thought the next step must be with a motor on my back.

Lesson learnt: Ground handling in stronger winds. Forward launching in strong winds is hard work without a motor.

Thinks to remember: Confirm correct brakes handles. Need to buy the farmer a bottle – great field, great location – can’t loose this.

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"Tried a couple of times to bring the wing up holding the ‘D’ lines, but just could not hold it and the wing collapsed each time – Simon to advise. "

What ?!?!?!

So who taught you to bring the wing up using the 'D' lines?

Some of the points you have made require me seeing you doing the do. :D

It sounds like you need to load the harness more and use the 'A' lines to help the wing up over your head.

GOOD THAT YOU ARE PUTTING THE TIME IN (I am sure I said to you max gusts of 12 though :roll: )


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Maybe I didn’t explain fully. I did try a couple (only) times bringing the wing up over my head with the ‘A’ lines and then use the ‘D’ lines to control the wing. What I was doing wrong was holding the ‘A’ & ‘D’ lines together as I brought the wing up and the ‘D’ lines was loaded, which stopped the wing coming up – I think that is right. Well it was coming to the end of the morning.

It felt better, because the area is on a very slight slope and when the wind is blowing, up the slope you get no rotor effect at all and the wind is constant and smooth (it that makes sense). The only shame is it is in a non fly zone

Off now on holiday for two weeks - have fun all.

Stuart - Go for it, I know you will get there.

Simon - Hope you had a good flight on Tuesday

Good luck to all on their first flights and hoping for good weather in October.


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