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Sorry you haven't had any useful info...
Training Paramotoring must be a tough business because they are a tad few and far between.
There are other methods if you can romance a "quality" local pilot into offering guidance... But you will need to fit/healthy, up to speed or at least willing to get a grasp of the aerodynamics and weather issues,  good at making brews and delivering the butties... Then you will have to live with the additional risks of informal training.
If you have already immersed yourself in absorbing all the technical information you can get your hands on regarding how it all works and you are a tad obsessed with getting yourself into the air, you may be a good candidate for the more informal method... If not, I would stick to finding a school.

Traveling hundreds of miles and camping in your car for a week to get formal training would be the ideal if the British weather wasn't so fickle!
You might get lucky and hit a week with perfect weather but I wouldn't bank on it!

I am often tempted to offer some assistance to those who are stuck but you would have to be keen as mustard and all those things mentioned above, unfortunately, I am quite ill now in my old age so I have built a Sub70 trike for a hang glider setup so I am sliding in a slightly different direction (harder setup, easier launch)

I hate to see people getting stuck behind the training issue as this is an amazing sport for the 25% / 50% that really take to it... It has its dangers and its up to you to mitigate as many of those as you can.
I lost a friend to the sport last Friday, drowned (bit of bad luck mixed with a bit of bad decision making/complacency got the better of him) He had thousands of hours under his belt... Horrible!

You could find a paragliding school in the lakes, learn to paraglide first, the two versions of the sport are quite a bit more different than you might expect but its often a great place to start from (ground handling is top of the list for both versions of the sport (excluding weather choices!)


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PS: Learning to paraglide in the lakes... You get to cut your teeth in the mountains which are more complex to fly than flat-land.
Many people hop from paragliding to paramotoring without the paramotor training but be warned, the difference can be quite alarming at first :)

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