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BPMA - what do you make of this folks?

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And as far as I know, Jim Carolan the chairman has resigned his position? in favour of a younger replacement.

OK I do have some beef about this subject for more than one reason which I aint going to mess up this lovely nice forum with but.....

In part I set up this site as a way of saying to the 'association' types that we dont need it! This club has run more events than any other, it did not require a board, a committiee, or an associaton, its members are growing very quickly and the Lmbourn Club events are in full busy mode.

Our Club, and indeed website, is getting to be well know for not getting involved in the political rubbish and getting on with having fun and doing some flying 'that many others like to 'talk' about so often'.

I also have beef with a current board member, and would feel badly represented by any association with this person involved.

Thats about as ranty as I get.


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some people talking sense.

It s good to see a forum with somthing positive to say.

I've had a gut fall on some other forums which have indeed questioned my want to fly.

well done on maintaining a positive approach and giving me reason to wait out for better weather and oppertunities.

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Lurker, finally breaking cover....

Personal feel on BPMA is that associations/organisations of this kind justify their existence mostly through application of bulk buying power - the sort of 'member benefits' deals on cheaper insurance, discount on parts etc. That, I feel, is the basis on which many punters such as me for instance join owners clubs for specific types of car etc. - for the owners club insurance as much or more than the social opportunities (although they may be fun too). If however the benefits turn out to be so much vapour, the membership kind of shrivels quite soon down to the hard core of people who seem to get a buzz out of being on the letterheads of organisations....

There is also value in having a single pressure group to argue the member's viewpoint for example in the transponder situation - but to achieve anything it needs to avoid diluting the voice into too many different organisational voices (all insisting that they are the real Brian) and have credibility through numbers under its banner. For PG the BHPA has a presence recognised by the CAA due to a reasonable membership - but for many PG pilots I am sure that the main reason for staying with the BHPA at all is the 3rd party insurance that you buy as part of the annual subs. There is therefore a 'hard' reason for PG pilots to join/remain and therefore form part of the weight of numbers that keeps the BHPA voice audible.

Now if someone could combine some of the 'hard' advantages (saving a tenner here, a fiver there) with the positive "sod organisational politics, lets go flying" ethos of setups such as this forum (where new darksiders such as me can pick up a heck of a lot of useful information in an informal way) they'd be onto a winner for sure!

Dick G

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Ok I get the hint,

I will talk to a load of people when the weather is naff again, and sort out some money savers. (or a list of member benefits)

I can already do a club rate on any Parajet Paramotor. but will add to this list as soon as possible.

If you are the importer or manufacturer of a flying product please get in touch. :D:D


Well done for De-Lurking yourself. :lol::lol:

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