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Cost of the initial training, is this expensive?

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Hi all,

Thinking of dipping my toe into the ocean of Paramotoring, something I have wanted to do for a while.

I am in York and my closest trainer charges £2300 for the novice to qualified course.

I have seen others charge £1500 or some even charging £150 per session and the quicker you learn the less you pay,

I totally appreciate getting good training is key but thought it was worth an ask.


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Hi AFyork 

First of all let me tell you my experience of getting into paramotoring did some paragliding training in Wales it was not for me just to much driving back and forth, 2/3 years later saw video about parajet ,went down to the parajet factory in mere and offered to buy all the gear there and then if they would include training for FREE,they agreed, 1 week in mere and 1 week in Spain, under the personal attention of Alex Ledger from sky school. Being in the right place at the write time that was for sure parajet was  just getting going at the time, But let me tell you this, training is the most important thing of all,and you will rely on it all you flying career, and you  may see it as expensive ,but once you start flying by yourself you will very quickly realise it was money well spent,and how it keeps you safe, and you enjoy flying so much more, Get  training you will no regret it thats for sure. Good luck 


Ps 1500 worth every penny, 


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Cheers both for your replies.

Totally agree that good training is worth its weight in gold once I am out there doing it for real.

£1500 is def worth the money @geoffw however the one nearest is always a grand more than that.

Will keep on searching and get somewhere booked in the near future.

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Does that include equipment rental ?

I remember when someone untrained turned up to our flying field and flew straight into a parked trailer. Times like that you can't put a price on training........


There was a new guy at the site who had bought his kit elsewhere and wanted to self train, he seemed to know his stuff and set himself up despite Pete's warnings that he should seek proper training, he did manage a very scary 200ft long take off run, getting airborne between two bushes and after a couple of circuits he came in for a landing. The field is massive so we were amazed to see him heading for where the cars were parked, the bloke can't seem to control the direction and he hits a parked trailer but luckily avoids injury. I'm sure he then signed up for a training course.


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