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Top80 max pilot weight

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Hello new to the sport and i am looking at a top80 paramotor...

I was wondering if it would have enough power for me as i am 92kg


I have googled with no solid information regarding max weight for this engine

The wing i intend to get is a ozone spark 2

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Yes, you will be at the top of the weight range for the wing.

The Top 80 is almost 15hp, I used to fly a 15hp motor with a wing at the top of the weight range. Climb rate will be lower than with a more powerful motor, perhaps 200 feet per minute, so allow enough space for take off.

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Best thing to do is try some motors first before buying. If you are still under training, can your instructor provide motors to try? If you have finished training, then ask around if you can try motors first. Sounds to me like you would be better suited on a Moster, but it also depends on your flying style: XC, Acro, etc.

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Top80 max pilot weight? I don't know, but
I was able to fly on my Top80 while weighing 85kg myself, on a Luna 2 23m2 and sustain level flight at full speed (with speed bar). At 92kg, I'm sure you could take off and climb just fine on a beginner wing.
The good thing of having a low powered motor to begin with, is that it forces you to develop good technique from the start, and not just power your arse up into the sky 😅

But this setup would only suite you if you were to focus on XC flying. It would be painful to spend several minutes climbing for a couple of minutes spiralling down doing acro.

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Thank you for all the responses 

I ended up purchasing a brand new moster 185

Would still like responses for all the people searching max weight top 80

I decided i need the climb out power of the moster.. but i could imagine getting off the ground with a top80

It seems that 90kg is the max weight with slow climb rate... am i wrong?

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Totally depends on your wing.

but I advice you not to fly underpowered .  It’s hard on the wear and tear of your engine. Besides that having some extra power can prevent you from getting in a problem situation in case you saw that powerline or telephone kabel a little to late.

when you ever want to fly a faster wing you don’t have to buy a new engine.

If you want to work on starting skills, you always can be gentle on your throttle……

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I use a trike (Bailey Quattro Plus) with a tiny Polini THOR 110cc engine. My wing is a Sirocco 3 at 26m. I weigh 90kg. Yes I can launch, but I need a long runway, it's a slow climb out but I get to 1500 feet and can stay there on just a tiny amount of throttle. I usually only fly for an hour and land back at my car. I always expected to change the motor, but it just keeps on working. I would prefer a larger wing, I'm about 15kg over on this one, but I bought it new (for footlaunch) and it works well for me. This is not the hobby that needs massive power, it won't make you go faster, just climb faster. If you want to get somewhere fast, take the motorbike :)

Underpowered and smiling from ear to ear.

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