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Can you hire a paramotor?

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Hi guys, I know this is going to be a question I'm going to get alot of abuse for LOL! 

I completed my training in 2021 and got 22 flights under my belt! Unfortunately due to a personal circumstance I had spend around £3000 on a court fee and a family solicitor for somthing that haooening in my life, this was all my savings I was using to buy my full kit! 

Well after a hard year I'm ready mentally to get back into flying! As we all know flying paramotors is the best thing in world LOL 

But at the minute I have very little savings saved and I'm nowhere near having the funds to go and buy a new motor, wing ect.. the instructor I was using had moved fields and its harder for me to get to as its nearly 2 hours away.

So my question really is can you finance equipment to fly? Or can you rent equipment? 

Go easy on me I know its a silly question, any help would massively be appreciated!!!

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Hi Jack, Although there are no UK based companies set up for the purpose of kit rental, it would almost certainly be worth asking in your local area if anyone has a spare one you can hire for the odd flight. You may well end up on some Ye old Victorian paramotor but as long as its safe and it works happy days. 

Good Luck! 


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Plenty of cheap motors and wings about. 

I'd say your original 3k is probably the minimum you would need to find something reliable, ideally more. Sometimes it's a false economy to buy cheap.

I think you would have to take a personal loan, which unfortunately probably got a whole lot harder this week.

Not heard of anyone loaning gear, but you may get lucky if someone has a spare. 

It's not a cheap sport unfortunately. Reserve 500 extra. Helmets, flying suits, spare props etc. It's just not something you can do without some money behind you, hence the amount of older guys doing it.

Good luck.

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