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Flying field, one out, one in.

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Unfortunately yesterday I lost permission on the field I had been using for the past 3 1/2 years.

In hindsight I couldn't have expected it to last forever, the original landowner who gave me permission died 12 months ago and the remaining family are not now in the area. There was a frontage of houses across the busy road some distance away and I have been flying a lot recently. Complaints came in..

However the crushing realisation that I had nowhere to fly from (permission being sort for a shared site elsewhere) redoubled my efforts this morning to search for another. With some concentrated digging, even approaching one of the golf clubs in the area (that was a no, unless MI6 can assist as they did for a Boris landing), the information gleaned led to singular permission on a new field that is closer to home.


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I say I am looking for an open field and I need landowners permission. Always face to face.

Then go on to explain what is involved in PPG take-off and landing, adding that no damage is done to the surface and I have 3rd party insurance.

When it comes to benefit for the farmer/landowner the offer of an occasional bottle of malt is usually most welcome.

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